Assignment Value Description
First Week Video 5% Introductory video project to be completed during the first week of class and common to all ENGL 1102 courses. The sixty to ninety second videos will be in response to the assign prompts, recorded in the tool of your choice, and uploaded to Canvas.
Poster 20% In your Posters (18″ X 24″) you will illustrate a key concept from one or more of our theoretical readings (Caradonna, Morton, or Clark) through a local or national development issue of your choice. The Poster project culminates in a Poster Session, where you will make a 2-3-minute pitch and respond to peer questions. A .pdf of the final draft of the poster, the 500-700-word introduction, and a video of your pitch during the session to be uploaded to Canvas.
Explainer 20% A 5-7-minute collaborative video project on the relationship between the Beltline and its natural/cultural contexts that mixes audio from guest speakers, with interviews, external footage, and overlaid commentary. To be composed in groups of 4-5, uploaded individually as an .mp4 to Canvas with a 300-400-word explanatory headnote and works cited.
Sustainability Cookbook 20%  Each of you will choose a recipe, write an analysis of its sustainability, and then revise that recipe according to specific constraints in order to make it more sustainable. All the recipes, and the 600-800-word introductions, to be designed in WordPress posts and then published on the course site. Introductions and recipes also due uploaded to Canvas as .pdf files.
Final Portfolio 15% Final, multimodal, showcase portfolio required of all 1101 and 1102 students in lieu of a final exam. Composed in Mahara, portfolio to include a 1200-1800-word reflective essay, your common first week video, the Argument essay, and the Visual Rendering or Podcast. At least one artifact must reflect substantial revision. We develop the portfolio over the course of the semester.
Participation 10% Active participation and engagement in class activities, discussion, and events is required and counts as part of your total grade. You may be penalized if you have not done the reading or fail to regularly participate in class discussions and onsite activities. Please note your attendance at SLS hosting events (bus tour, gravel talk, and the three workshops) will be recorded using your Buzzcards.