28 June. Poster W/S 2 & Unit 2 Intro

Presentation Session Assignments

Session 1 Presenters Session 2 Presenters
James Peavy Hannah Fallon
Ryan Enfield Peyton Nguyen
Hajime Minoguchi Callie Anderson
George Frampton Marlene Garcia Gomez
Brian Buckley Aaqila Faizer
Ryan Piansky Yue Teng
Devarsh Pandya Elhadji Barry
Ryan Kretzmer Malina Hy
Keanu White Isaiah Sutherland
Xiang Li Ibitola Toyin-Adelaja
Utibeno Ekpoudom
Gunhyun Park
Hajime Minoguchi
Brianna Shearwood
Benjamin Holmes

Explainer Video Group Preference Form


Poster Workshop 2

Please complete the following:
  • 1.If you have hardcopies of your poster and introduction drafts put them on the table in front of you. If you have digital copies of your poster and introduction drafts open them up on your laptop.
  • 2. Move from draft to draft. After you finish reading your peer’s draft respond, either by hand or in the Introduction doc file, to the following: what element of the Poster/Intro. is most successful? Suggest one detail/design choice your peer could make to help you better understand his/her claim.
  • 3. Once we have had a chance to read and respond to most drafts, we will our successes.

Unit 2: Navigating the Psychological and the Social in Sustainability

Video & the Rhetoric of Sustainability

PSA’s, slide share presentations, and documentaries are a mainstay of the discourse of sustainability in which scholars, activists, and policy makers aim to persuade individuals of environmental problems and how they can take action to solve those problems. As we watch the sample videos, please keep the following questions in mind for the discussion that follows:
  • 1.The problem presented and the solutions the videos offer.
  • 2.Describe sound effects and/or background music; Camera movement (panning shot, tracking shot: from above, below, in/out/circular; zoom in or out, slow or fast; zip pan; tilt shot; handheld shot; camera on vehicle); and POV (Does the film acknowledge the spectator, or do events transpire as if no one were present?)
  • 3.Who is the intended audience of the video and of what does the video attempt to persuade its audience? Is one video more successful than another, why or why not?


Keep America Beautiful, 1971

Vox Media, The Diet that Helps Fight Climate Change, 2017


Thoreau, “Where I lived and What I lived For”

  • How does Thoreau combine the personal and the political/social? OR, What are his specific critiques of social institutions and what are some of his individual/personal solutions?


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