RQ: WOVENText, (1-40 & 47-50)


Keep the following questions in mind as you read WOVENText (1-40 & 147-50). The questions are designed to guide your reading practices and our class discussions. You are not required to provide formal answers in class or online.

1. What is writing, as you understand it? What is WOVEN? Does WOVEN compliment/challenge your expectations?

2.What is the mission of GaTech’s WCP?

3.What do we mean by “correctness”?

4.What are common cognitive activities?

5. What sorts of questions can you expect in the text and in the class? In what order order do the question progress?Why?

6. What is the Comm Center? (11 & 25-28)

7. List all the characteristics that you think define a “good” college writer. Next, make a list of all the qualities you expect your professor expects makes a “good” college writer (or the program expects). Where do the lists overlap? Where do they diverge? What accounts for the similarities and differences? (13)

8. What is “Code Switching”, and what are common modes of address? and How do these terms effect how you write an email (21)?

9. What are the three “critical concepts of communication”? 

10. What do all GATech ENGL courses have in Common (147-50)?


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