16 July. Reflection, Pollan, Cookbook


Thanks for all your hard work last week. The following are some announcements, and please let me know if you have any questions.
  • 1. Any questions, problems, comments on the Explainer Videos? Questions about what to submit to Canvas OR how to format the Intro.?
  • 2. Finishing up grading the Posters. All look great so far. Does anyone mind if I upload the poster videos that you need to include in your portfolios to the Google Doc? If you do, email me and I can get it to you another way.
  • 3. What to expect for the next two weeks. Tomorrow is Grocery day, so meet me at the Publix Supermarket at the Plaza Midtown. You can take Tech Trolley, ETA 15 mins.  
  • 4. Please note: while not required, I encourage you to go to a local Farmer’s Market between now and the end of this unit.The Ponce City Farmer’s Market on the Beltline and under the shed at Ponce City Market opens at 4:00 PM tomorrow.You may also check out (and try to find all ingredients for your recipe at) a Fresh Marta Market, other ATL Farmer’s Markets such as The Buford Highway Farmer’s Market or The Decatur Farmer’s Market.

Video Reflection/Portfolio

Please take 8-10 mins and respond to the following questions; make sure you keep the draft of this response; and be prepared to share your responses.
  • 1.Explain your process in composing the the Explainer Video. Be as specific as possible, i.e. explain where your ideas came from and how they evolved, as well as your process (invention, prewriting, outlining, drafting peer review, revising, editing), and collaborative efforts. 
  • 2. Who is the intended audience for your video, and why is this an appropriate audience? How is your choice of audience reflected in your artifact?

Corn and Carbon Emissions

Please “get out” Michael Pollen’s, The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Then, in groups of 6, take 10 minutes to think through the questions below, and summarize your answers on the board before we chat about them:
  • Group One: What is the “omnivore’s dilemma,” according to Pollan, and what structures have humans developed to try and solve it? How have solutions to this problem caused as many problems as they have solved?
  • Group Two: Why does Pollan think modern, US grocery stores should astound naturalists (16)? OR, why would a person have to a “fairly determined ecological detective” to trace something like the Twinkie back to its plan source (17)?
  • Group Three: Review the corn based products Pollan lists on 18-19. Were you surprised to learn that any of these items were made from corn? How does this list challenge the notion of biodiversity that the grocery store seems to promote, and why, according to Pollan, is monoculture a problem?
  • Group Four: What does Pollan mean when he says, “corn has succeeded in domesticating us” (23)?

Sustainability Cookbook

After we review the final assignment, we will complete the following:
  • 1. Freewrite: take 5 minutes and respond to the following without stopping: Describe why the recipe/dish you brought with you today, and then explain why it means a lot to you. The recipe/dish could be a food you associate with special time and place in your life, OR a food that is important to your family.
  • 2. Share some of our recipe stories
  • 3. Register for you Ivan Allen College blog, the tool we will use to publish the Cookbook.

For tomorrow, Tuesday, July 17, meet at Publix Supermarket at the Plaza Midtown and bring a copy of the recipe you want to work on for this unit.