June 26. Comm Lab & Paragraph Elements

Comm Lab, Dr. James Howard

Elements of Analysis Paragraphs

Based on your previous experience, what key elements make up a successful paragraph?


The following is a overview of elements that make-up paragraphs in argument driven expository essay/prose:
  • 1.Topic sentence: states/restates claim to lead into the text that follows or transition from previous paragraph and introduces new information to follow.
  • 2. Transition from topic sentence that sets up the citation, especially through description. Describe the context and/or major theme in the citation you plan to include next.
  • 3. In-text citation in MLA format. Remember format long/block quotes accordingly. Here’s a Guide for Citing Sources from a Database
  • 4. Close analysis: pick out one or two key features from the bit of text you cite and explain how those features help you understand the passage, the novel, and/or the major themes of the paper.
  • 5.Tie your analysis back into the larger goal/claim of the paper and set-up your transition to the next paragraph.

Sample Introduction