23-24 July. Final Portfolio Workshops


If you did not upload a .jpeg or .pdf of your poster to Canvas, will you? Afterwards, I’ll add your poster to the Gallery page of our class site. Also, I uploaded .mov files of your Poster talks to the shared Google folder, but I can also share YouTube links to the videos OR you can convert the .mov files yourself, so you embed the videos into Mahara.

Sustainability Cookbook W/S

While you are eating donuts, please complete the following:
  • 1. Post/format your recipe if you have not already done so. Let me know if you have any questions.
  • 2. Log into Canvas and then paste the link from your recipe post into the text box in the Sustainability Cookbook assignment
  • 3. Reflection: Take five minutes and freewrite in response to the following: What are the defining features of the genre or media that you are using in the Cookbook project? How do you make use of these features?

Final Portfolio

Reflective Introduction

The following is the checklist of requirements you need to fulfill for full credit on the Reflective Introduction Essay to be included in the Final Portfolio. Take a minute or Two and read through the checklist.

For full credit on the Final Portfolio, you need to compose a reflective, introductory essay of 1200-1800 words in which you draw out an argument from the projects you completed this semester, i.e. the artifacts you curated into your portfolio. A successful Reflective Introduction Essay will accomplish the following:
  • 1. Develop an argument about your intellectual growth as a communicator through the close analysis of artifacts in the portfolio. Make sure your Reflective Introduction is an essay and not a list in paragraph format.
  • 2. Show and tell readers how you met or attempted to meet the course outcomes/instructor’s goals as articulated on the syllabus and throughout the course.
  • 3. Reflect on your strength and weaknesses relative to the course goals/outcomes
  • 4. Describe the methods and modes that were the focus of your communicative work this semester.
  • 5. Articulate areas and strategies you would like to focus on for continued improvement.

Sample Student Portfolio 1

Sample Student Portfolio 2

Group Analysis: Reflective Introduction

Take 5-8 minutes and read the Reflective Introduction in Kim H.’s Portfolio. Afterward be prepared to discuss the following:
  • 1. Group One: What is the topic or unifying idea of the Introduction? What claims or sets of claims does the author make about that topic/unifying idea? What are some rhetorical gestures employed by the author?
  • 2. Group Two: Describe how the author has organized her paragraphs. Are some parts of the essay more successful than others, why or why not?
  • 3. Group Three: Describe the evidence and analysis in the essay. Does the evidence and analysis fully support and develop the claim, why or why not?
  • 4. Group Four: Describe the design/layout of the first page of this Portfolio. Does the author make efficient or innovative use of the affordances of the genre/tool. What’s your assessment of the page layout? For instance, what’s your assessment of the relationship between the written and visual text? What’s your assessment of paragraph structure?

Reflective Essay Freewrite

Freewrite for 3-5 minutes in response to each of the following prompts. Be prepared to discuss your response with the class after each:
  • 1. Rhetorical Awareness/Stance: From the beginning of the semester to this moment, how have you “grown as a communicator”?

    Your response to the question will form the topic and generate the claim of your reflection. To answer this question, think about the five major communicative modes in WOVEN–have you developed in any one of those areas more than others? Also, think about the artifacts you have produced this semester, what assignments or specific modes within assignments can you point to to show “development” over time? You may also want to frame your claim and subsequent essay in terms of one or more areas featured on the Common Feedback Chart.

  • 2. Draft an outline of the 4-6 paragraphs you imagine will follow from the claim you just generated.

    Organization: While the artifacts in the portfolio serve as evidence, remember, just like in the Literary Analysis Essay, you never want to lead with the evidence. Instead, you want to lead with claim and move from paragraph to paragraph in service of that claim.

  • 3. What artifacts do you plan to analyze to develop & support the claim you generated? (i.e. what final assignments best show your growth as a communicator?)

    Development of Ideas: How can you describe and analyze your own work the way we have described and analyzed images, poetry, essays, and film this semester? What key terms can you borrow from our analysis of design, rhetoric, fiction, and/or film to apply to your own artifacts?

24 July

Sustainability Cookbook Reflection

Please freewrite in response to the following for 5-8 minutes without stopping
  • 1.What are the defining features of the genre or media that you used for your recipe? How did you make use of these features?
  • 2.If you had more time for revision, what would you change about your recipe and why?

Link to Poster Session videos on YouTube

Mahara ‘How-To’

Creating Your Portfolio in Mahara

Mahara portfolios are a collection of individual pages. You create individual pages (five total: one for Reflective Introduction and one for artifacts 0-3) and then make a collection out of the pages–the multimodal reflection portfolio is that collection.

Creating Pages

To create your portfolio in Mahara
  • 1. Under the ‘Portfolio’ tab on the Mahara home page, click ‘Pages’ and then select ‘Create Page’ from the dropdown menu.
  • 2. Give the page a title on the ‘Edit Page’ screen, choose a ‘Display Name’ (we recommend either your last name or student ID). Click ‘Save.’
  • 3. Click the ‘Edit Content’ tab. (Note that Mahara automatically jumps to ‘Edit Content’ after you click ‘Save’ on the previous page, but you’ll modify the layout first.) Note that Mahara provides a selection of ‘Basic Layouts’ and a link to ‘Advanced Layouts’ on the edit layouts page. Under ‘Advanced Layouts,’ you can create and modify your own layouts by deciding how many columns will be in a row and what percentage of the screen width each column will take. Mahara will limit each page to six rows and five columns per row.
  • 4. Click ‘Save’ once you’ve chosen a layout. Mahara will jump back to ‘Edit Content.’ Note the list of content that can be included on the page. Mahara differentiates between hosted media that can be uploaded directly and external media that are linked to from within Mahara (such as Prezis, YouTube Videos, Google Docs, etc.). Note that the former options are listed under ‘Media’ while the later is listed under ‘External.’
  • 5. Click ‘Done’ when you have placed all the content you want on that page. Repeat until you have created all required pages.

Creating a Collection:

  • 1. Once all pages are complete, create a collection by selecting the ‘Portfolio’ tab and then clicking ‘Collections’ and then ‘New Collection.’ Give you collection a title that includes your student ID number (the nine digit number found on your BuzzCard) and the course number. Example: ‘987654321 ENGL 1102 Reflection Portfolio.’ Make sure ‘Page Navigation’ option is checked (this is done automatically), and then select ‘Edit Collection Pages.’
  • 2. Add pages to your collection by checking the pages that should be included. Place the self-review essay page first. The organization of the remaining pages is up to you; unless you have thoughtful alternative, we recommend including your best work first.


Mahara Secret URL

9 July. Remote Class: Script Invention Activity

Remote Classroom Instructions

For full participation points please complete the following:
  • 1. Watch the video lecture below
  • 2. Complete your portion of the invention worksheet in your group Google Doc. Access collaborative Google docs from links below.

Class Plan Video

The video covers the following topics:
  • 1. Overview of Remote Week 
  • 2. Review of Collaborative Explainer Invention Activity

Collaborative Explainer Invention Activity

Group Number Group Member Names
One Callie, Hannah, Marlene, and Ryan Piansky
Two Elhadji, Keanu, Benjamin, and George
Three Malina, Hajime, Peyton, and Gunhyun
Four Aaquila, Xiang, Brianna, and Yue
Five Ryan Enfeild, Ryan Kretzmer, James, Isaiah
Six Brian, Uti, Devarsh and Ibitola

RQ: WOVENText, (1-40 & 47-50)


Keep the following questions in mind as you read WOVENText (1-40 & 147-50). The questions are designed to guide your reading practices and our class discussions. You are not required to provide formal answers in class or online.

1. What is writing, as you understand it? What is WOVEN? Does WOVEN compliment/challenge your expectations?

2.What is the mission of GaTech’s WCP?

3.What do we mean by “correctness”?

4.What are common cognitive activities?

5. What sorts of questions can you expect in the text and in the class? In what order order do the question progress?Why?

6. What is the Comm Center? (11 & 25-28)

7. List all the characteristics that you think define a “good” college writer. Next, make a list of all the qualities you expect your professor expects makes a “good” college writer (or the program expects). Where do the lists overlap? Where do they diverge? What accounts for the similarities and differences? (13)

8. What is “Code Switching”, and what are common modes of address? and How do these terms effect how you write an email (21)?

9. What are the three “critical concepts of communication”? 

10. What do all GATech ENGL courses have in Common (147-50)?


GATech Communication Center, June 26

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Film Production Workshop with Alsion Valk, July 11

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